Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spotlight On ~ Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy... really?? 
That's a funny name. Well, this store is no joke & I adore it!
What is Fishs Eddy? 
They specialize in "commercial quality dish & glassware with plenty of things that make people smile". It's true.
Why do I covet their store & their website? 
Simply put - They ROCK! Their retro & vintage inspired items are ah-mazing! Their "Diner" ware (yes, that's right d-i-n-e-r, not dinner), beautiful serving pieces & uniques selection of gifts is impressive. They have so many fun patterns of "everyday" ware, you will not know which one to pick. I have many pieces from their "Alice" line & the glove molds are fab! 

To read more about their history go here (BTW it will explain why they are called "Fishs Eddy" if you're just dying to know). I've had the privilege of visiting the NYC Store, I highly recommend it! But, if a trek to the Big Apple is not in your future, don't fret! They have a wonderful website as well.

~ Here's of sampling of why I love Fishs Eddy ~
glove molds
retro cake stands

"cheer up" decanter & glass

To take a tour of their NYC Store 

Fishs Eddy's motto is they are happiest "doing dishes".
I say... "me too!" 
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