Friday, March 11, 2011

Envelopes Can Be Pretty Too!

I love Paper Source! I don't think I've ever walked out of that store empty handed! They are so much more that a traditional "Stationery Store". So many amazing things... I oogle their beautiful single sheet gift wrap every time I'm there! If you are making your own invitations, gift cards, etc. they have every color & shape of card stock available with matching envelopes... and don't get me started on the fabulous selection of gifts, I could go on & on! 

This is why I had to share with you, 
one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE purchases... 
(drum roll please!)...
And the crowd goes wild.... yeah!!!

Ok, so the name doesn't sound exciting, right? And you may ask yourself, why do I need to line my envelopes? And the answer is simple - you don't. But I can tell you, that once you do, you'll be hooked! So fun, so festive & yes so fabulous too! (you knew I was going to go there!). I use remnant scraps of left over gift wrapping paper or scrap booking paper works great as well. And the "special" single sheets of wrapping paper from Paper Source look beautiful as liners too (a bit pricier, but so worth it!)! Here are some examples from their website (didn't have time to make my own to share... but I will!)

The kit contains clear plastic templates to make envelope liners in these sizes: 4-bar, A2, A6, A7, A9, 5.75" square & 6.5" square! 

Doesn't sound exciting or easy to do??? 
Watch the tutorial to see first hand how easy it it!

Thank you Paper Source... I adore you!

PS - is anyone else seeing how stinkin' cute the ribbon posted in yesterday's post & the lined evnelopes picture above coordinate???  Truly not planned, but I'm loving the combo... I feel a "craft urge" coming on!!!
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