Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Cards!

I just received my 
Tiny Prints
holiday party invites & supplies 
in the mail and I was
 THRILLED with how they turned out, 
here's a sneak peek...

Don't cha just love 
this rockin' Santa?!

(note: of course, for privacy purposes,  I removed some of the personal content)

And the matching favor label 
is pretty stinkin' cute too...

Anyhow, we'll save the details of this 
fun holiday play date for another day...

Let's get down to the business of:

Well it must be said 
(and you all know what a tough critic I can be) 
the Holiday Cards over at
 Tiny Prints
are darling this year!!!
I am drooling over so many of them...
So far, these are some of my favorites...

Let's start with
"Little Black Dress" 
of Holiday Cards... 
The 5x7 Flat Card

Flat Holiday Photo Cards Merry Always - Front : Scarlet
Too cute for words!

Flat Holiday Photo Cards Naughty or Cute - Front : Ruby
Love it!!!

Christmas Cards Antique Dream - Front : Black
While this one doesn't fall 
into the "cutesie category"... 
I do love the retro vintage 
fabulousness of this card!

Last but not least...
I must admit, the Circle (ornament) Cards, 
have really gotten my attention...
Ornament Cards Handwritten Love - Front : Bright Red
Perfectly Precious, and a gift in itself... 
Grandma & Grandpa will put that right 
on their Christmas Tree!

There are so many fab choices, 
that the easy part this year will be picking the card.

It's the rest of the process that can come with some angst! 
For me, the usual list of worries goes like this:

  • What to wear in the picture?
  • Where to take the picture at?
  • When to take the picture?
  • How to make time to get together to take a picture?
And so on...

History has taught me
(and now I'm sharing this super secret, life changing advise on to you!)

Also, by getting it done early,
you can also take advantage of all those 
early-bird fabulous coupons & discounts...

So get busy people, 
the holiday's will be here 
before ya know it!!!

Ho, Ho Ho!!!
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