Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun in the Snow!

Sometimes I wish I lived 
in a snowy part of the country, 
so that I could try making
something like this:

"Colored Glass"
This idea came from Hurrayic
Thank you for sharing such a messy, 
yet imaginative idea!

You need:
water balloons
food coloring
plastic bag(s)
cookie sheet with sides
newspapers or old towels
old clothing that you don't mind getting dirty
snow boots, coats & gloves (for after)

This is a messy craft! 
Food coloring will stain, so do this with newspaper, 
wear old clothes you don't mind getting dirty and make sure you wipe your hands before touching those clean walls! 
Or better yet, do parts of this outside in the cold.
 Add no more than 1 drop of food coloring, any more than one drop & you'll have a mess on your hands!

 Fill balloons with water & tie them closed...

 Put the water balloons into a ziplock freezer bag 
(this helps avoid any freezer disaster clean up)
and freeze over night...

Put on some old clothes, remove the rubber balloons from your rocks & place them n a cookie tray (you may want to do this outside to prevent melting. And start having fun with your new "colored rocks"!

So fun...
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