Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day #2 ~ Crafty Christmas Trees!

 12 Days of DIY Christmas,
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Day #2
Crafty Tree's

Embroidery Floss
Sewing Needle

1.  Cut out three different sized circles out of patterned paper.  You can either use a circle cutter, or trace three different items (such as a cup, saucer and small plate) and then cut.
2.  Cut out a 'pie shaped' quarter sized section of the circle.  Either roughly draw lines to divide the quarters (on the backside), or just eyeball it.  You will not need the pieces you have cut out.
3.  Bend the circle around to make a cone, then glue it together (I just used regular glue stick).  Using scissors, make numerous cuts around the bottom edge of the cone.
4.  Using a pencil, roll the cuts around to make it curl.  Repeat for other two circles/cones of the tree.
5.  Thread a long piece of embroidery thread onto a sewing needle.  Make a big knot in one end.  Push the needle up through the big cone.
6.  Push the cone down as far as the knot.  Make another knot a little further up from the top of the large cone, and then slip the middle sized cone on.. repeat for small cone.  Note: if the knot slips through the hole at the top of the cone, you can use a piece of ribbon to tie a knot around the thread knot.. holds it in place, and looks super cute too!
7.  To finish off the top, you can add two stickers back to back (like the snowflakes pictures, or the softies as well), or hand cut 2 stars from patterned paper, and glue them back to back.

Happy Crafting!!!
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