Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teacher Cake

I love this idea 
for a teacher gift...

Supplies Needed:

(1) Roll of Paper Towels
(1) 10" diameter cardboard circle (I used a cake base) 
(1) 12"x12" piece of scrapbook paper
(5) large rubber bands 
(7) 24 count Crayons
(6) 1-Subject Spiral Bound Notebooks 
(10) Bottles School Glue
(20) Small Glue Sticks 
(3) Gerber Daisey Silk Flowers
(24) No.2 Pencils 
(1) Small Pencil Holder or cup with straight sides (see the instructions for an free alternative)
Ribbon of Varying Widths and Colors 
Packing, Duck or Masking Tape
Hot Glue Gun 
Hot Glue Sticks
Rubber Cement 

to get the step by step tutorial on 
how to make this awesome "cake"!
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