Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun Costume Ideas!

I love these 
easy & fun homemade costume ideas

"It's Raining Cats & Dogs"

What You Need
Stuffed Animals
Hot Glue Gun

Open up the umbrella and hot glue one animal at a time on the outside. Let them rest in place to dry overnight.

"On Safari"

What You Need
Brown Grocery Bag
Kraft Mini Envelopes (in natural)
Glue Stick
1. Measure the paper bag against the child. Mark holes for the arms and head; cut these out.
2. Glue envelopes on the front of the vest to create pockets. Glue buttons on the envelopes. Let dry overnight.

How To: Make Binoculars
What You Need

Two Toilet Paper Rolls
Felt Pads
Twine or String
1. Take 2 toilet paper rolls and glue 4-5 felt pads between the two tubes in order to keep them together.
2. On the exterior of each roll, make a small hole for stringing the twine through and creating a strap.

"Scuba Diver"

What You Need
One Liter Bottles (you'll need 2 of these)
Black Spray Paint
Yellow Utility Tape
Black Shoe Laces
Hot Glue Gun

1. Make sure the bottles are empty and dry. Spray paint one bottle at a time. Let dry overnight.
2. Take the now black bottles and wrap rings around the bottoms and the tops of each bottle with the yellow tape.
3. Glue the shoelaces to the tops and bottoms of each bottle. Secure around the child’s shoulder.

How To: Make Mouth Device
What You Need
Black Cord Covers
Hot Glue Gun

1. Cover one end of the cord with yellow tape.
2. Glue pacifier to the other end of the cord cover. Let dry overnight.

And when all else fails,
go with a "Classic"...
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Holly Golightly
(aka - Audrey)!
PS - technically, this costume 
is not homemade, it's from etsy. 
It was just too stinkin' cute, 
I had to feature it!

Have fun creating 
these costumes!!!
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