Sunday, August 21, 2011

The End of Summer

As summer comes to an end, I just had to 
share two of my favorite things 
from this summer...
My Daughter's Lemonade Stand
My Amish Scooter

Starting with 
The Lemonade Stand...
Sydney & her BFF Shelby had a ball selling lemonade to friends, neighbors & passerbyers.

In all, they sold around 60 glasses of lemonade @ .25 cents a glass. With "tips", they each earned $10.75... not too bad for a few hours outside. Of course, their "sponsors" (Dad & I) did not charge them for supplies... 
nicely done ladies! 

And now to my new favorite toy...
My Amish Scooter

When I saw this bad boy featured in 
last years Martha Stewart Living, 
I just knew it had to be mine! 
And the "Martha" blue color 
offered exclusively at 
made it a must have!

Amish Scooters are available 
in several sizes & colors. 
12" for ages 3-6 years 
16" for ages 6 to teens
20" for Adult (that's mine!)
24" for Adults over 6 feet tall
 Scooters also available at

And don't cha just love that 
basket liner??? 
I got it at

I love everything about this basket liner, 
it is really the cherry on the sundae 
as far as I am concerned 
(the the pockets inside are just perfect).

This is a VERY happy ride.

Cheers to another fun summer!
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