Saturday, May 21, 2011

Recycled Wrap!

As I perused 
(my new obsession) 
this past weekend, 
I saw this photo & it reminded me of my childhood...

When I was a little girl (many many moons ago) 
I often received gifts wrapped in the funny pages and or in recycled goods. I once received a hand knit scarf, stuffed in an empty Nestles Quik chocolate milk mix can... it was so fun!

It was a great reminder that there are 
fun, festive & fabulous wraps all around us! 
Such as:

Now that most cars have GPS... 
what are you doing with all of those old maps??? 
MAP WRAP of course!

The "funnies" are in the newspaper everyday! 
Brown paper bags make great wrap...
just add colorful ribbon!
From A Creative Mint

And I think these snack bags 
made from pages of a magazine 
are darling!
From Re-Nest
I think you get the idea...

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