Monday, April 18, 2011

Photo Booth Fun!

Photo Booth's are fabulous!!!
I cannot think of a better "add-on" 
to your next party... easy, festive & 
more fun than you can imagine.

~ Here's How To Do It ~

Start with some really silly props!
Chalkboard Speech Bubbles are Fun..
and they are available in so many colors!

"Stuff on a stick"

Set up a "booth"!
This can be a simple as a wall in your backyard, or you can create a back drop with fabric, a sheet, ribbons and so on.
 Here are some examples:

When you order a back drop, this is what it will look like...

Next, add a over sized old chair, some barstools, a large "floating frame" to hang/hold or nothing at all. 
You get the idea!

Then, create signage... 
You'll want your guests to know "what's going over there"...
You can easily make your own sign, or if you want to buy one... here's a cutie!

 You maybe be a photographer or know one, either way you don't need to be a pro to make the magic happen! Just set up a small table & have a tub full of props & the rest takes care of it's self. In fact, if you have an "Polaroid" Camera you can leave your booth "unmanned" and let your guests do their own thing... 

Here's the newest model...

The "OG" Original Polaroid works great too!

Chalkboards - Playing Grown Up
Stuff "On a Stick" - Little Retreats
Ribbon Backdop - Sarah Q Happy Booths
Strip & Plain Backdrops - Fun On A Stick
Frames - Bragging Bags
Polaroid Camera's - Amazon

The truth is, you probably have most of the props you need lying around the house, in the attic, in your kids dress up truck, and so on!

The bottom line... a photo booth is a great idea for any wedding, birthday, showers or any gathering of good friends & family!

Not interested in putting a booth together yourself? 
Then, rent one! 
Depending on where you live, there are companies that provide this service, such as:

"Say Cheese!"
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