Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a Wrap!

I love gift wrap!

There is not enough space in the blogosphere to 
adequately describe my passion for wrap.
All wrap, any type of wrap, all the time... WRAP!

That is why, when I stumbled upon this 
FABULOUS series of scarf wrapping 
"how to's" from Chewing the Cud
(a blog that I'm really addicted to right now)
I thought I had died & gone to heaven!

Come to Heaven with me...
Using a scarf, enjoy creating these lovely wraps...
Click the "pink links" to see instructions.


And if you LOVE these "give wrap" scarves as 
much as I do, you can find them by clicking HERE. Take note of the "give luck" on the corners of the scarves... too stinkin' cute!
Plus they are available in so many amazing colors & prints!

Don't forget - click the "pink links" to get the 
easy step-by-step instructions!

And that's a wrap!
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