Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twisty Noodle!

Yes, you heard me...

Great name, huh?

Well it's more than just a great name... 
it's a great web site that's chock full of 
coloring pages & worksheets.
Sounds boring? Think again.

Imagine creating your own custom coloring pages,
worksheets for your classroom or for your own kids...
print custom pages for a "coloring contest" party activity, 
create DIY custom coloring book party favors personalized with your guests names on them, or this would be a fun 
addition to your kids school projects... I could go on & on! 

They have a huge selection, as it is ready to print 
or (again) customize to your hearts content!
(OMG, shut up... I can't stand it!)

Here are a few of my favorites:

Simply put, 
Twisty Noodle is...

Yes, I customized this little ditty myself (can you tell???)... 
it took me 2 seconds, it's was so easy!
I'm going to have Sydney color this right now!

IDEA: I think the "Let's Dress Up" dress above, would make a great party garland... just print out on 110 lb. card stock, have your kids color in the dresses with crayons, and then cut out the dresses, and string them together using mismatched brightly colored ribbons... 
and presto, instant party garland!
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