Friday, March 18, 2011

Shortnin Bread

Our family loves going to our local farmers market... 
There's always something for everyone. Fresh fruits & veggies, beautiful flowers & plants, homemade treasures & treats. 
I have a particularly favorite booth "Shortnin Bread Bakery". 
They sell homemade goodies, including the most 
delicious short bread cookies EVER 
(wouldn't be silly if they didn't?!). 
My favorite is the "Rosemary Lime" in a word ~ YUM!!!
And they make the cutest darn Hello Kitty cookies! 
Great little gifts, party favors or just for yourself... 
and they taste as good as they look too! 
Best of all, Shortnin Bread Bakery believes in 
"the importance of supporting local farmers, artisans, crafters, and friends to bring you the best ingredients possible"
~ I love their tag line ~ 
"Responsible Baking ~ local, organic, sustainable". 
Delicious & Responsible ~ That's a terrific 2-fer!

Last but not least, everything you buy from them comes 
packaged so nicely and ready to give as a gift... 
Shortnin Bread is a triple threat ~ fun, festive & fabulous!!!

Now get busy clicking the "pink links" below to check them out!

Don't live locally? Don't worry, go to etsy... 

And finally, these are hard working peeps that are living their dream... 
so let's show them some love & go to their FB page and "like" them! 
then leave a message on their FB page that says
 "Mary from Too Stinkin' Cute sent me". 
I know they'd love to hear from you! 
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