Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dollar Store Craft!

OK so I did something today, that I've never done before...
I submitted a craft idea to the Dollar Store Crafts website!

Who knows if it will get picked...
But since I made it already,
I figured I would share it with all of
You Lucky Duckies!!!

Baby Shower Garland

One Package of (6) Baby Announcement Cards 
(or any fun shaped card of your choice)
One Roll of Wire Edged Ribbon 
(or 3 yards of ribbon of your choice)
Scotch Tape
Hole Punch

Cut the (6) cards in half. 
Punch holes in the corners or "shoulder of the onesie".
Unroll 3 yards of ribbon.
Using scotch tape, wrap one end of the ribbon like a "shoelace".
Thread the cards leaving about 12"-15" of ribbon at each end.
Create (tie) loops at each end.

Congratulations, you are done!
Total Cost = $2
Total Time = about 10-15 minutes

*~*   Side notes & tips   *~*
The package of cards I used were printed on both sides. 
If the back of your cards are not printed, 
you may need 2 packs of cards. 
About threading the cards... 
Thread on the front side of card, then up through the back. 
This way, the print on the front of your card 
will not be covered by the threaded ribbon.
Regarding the "shoelace" end of the ribbon... 
this is what it will look like:

Any packaged notecards, invitations, announcements, etc. 
could be used to create a festive garland 
for birthday, holidays, wedding showers, etc.!

I'll be sure to let you know if my craft is featured on the 
Dollar Store Crafts website or FB page!
Cross your fingers for me...
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