Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hap-PEA Birthday!

I adore this 
REAL Party from the 
Fabulous Anj over at
(yes that's the same "Amazing Anj" who inspired my daughter's
7th Birthday ~ "Night Owl Sleepover" Party)

Hap~PEA Birthday
"The Princess & The Pea"

The "bed" table is wonderful & whimsical!

The "flip up" invites are TDF!!!

Every detail is sweet perfection!

Yes, she made the cake!

Fabulous Favors!

I'm lovin' that party ball!

Be sure to click on over to 
to get ALL of the details
(and there are oodles of delicious details)
and learn more about this party, 
where to get the goods, and so on...

And yes, you can buy the party printables 
& the entire party package at the 

Thank you Anj, 
you & your parties are 
an inspiration!

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