About Me

My name is Mary Scott and I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and so on... and like so many of us, I wear many hats. My daughter Sydney is 8 years old, plus I have 3 adult step daughters (or as I like to call them bonus kids). My husband Scotty, is a retired airline pilot, who spends most waking hours on the golf course. Life is busy, life is good. Sounds weird, huh? I agree. But it works for us! 

When I’m not busy juggling work, home & family I enjoy crafting, collecting, baking and party & celebration planning. I am a self proclaimed "Celebration Architect" & "Creative Promoter". I love creating memorable experiences that make people smile.

As far as my "passion & style" goes... I love anything retro or vintage. I love mixing new & old to create something memorable and tasty! When I see something that inspires me, I like to share! It is no fun finding something you love, and then not being able to buy it and or recreate it yourself. I love “naming names” which is why, whenever possible, I will list the vendor or source in my posts. I am an eBay, etsy & blogging junkie. Because of this, I have stumbled across some amazing ideas, treasures & unique finds. I am constantly being asked “where did you find that?” or “how did you do that?". Hopefully this blog will help answer those questions... and along the way, I'll feature some amazingly talented individuals, from around the country that are doing really creative things everyday

The bottom line is... I want to share what I love, with those that I love! My family, friends and you brave pioneers of the blogosphere, that somehow happened upon this place. Enjoy!
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